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owner weeding
Planting in Windmill Gully: 9 Osborne


Work on the private properties in Windmill Creek has progressed further during the last few months. Our contractor, Annie Reid, was able to spray the sea of angled onion infiltrating down the gully through these properties.  Planting of appropriate local indigenous species has taken place over several weekends in October and November.

By controlling weed and planting riparian species in strategic locations in the gully, the nutrient rich stormwater will be slowed, resulting in greater retention in the soil before entering the Yarra River.

These works are made possible by a grant from Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority. The works have been undertaken on a total of seven private properties in Osborne and Hamilton Roads and will assist in improving the quality and biodiversity of the habitat to support threatened species such as Brush-tailed phascogale and Powerful owl.

Group photo of volunteers
Planting in Windmill Gully: 15-17 Osborne

owners and volunteers at planting
Planting in Windmill Gully: 9 Osborne

team at planting
Planting in Windmill Gully:13 Osborne