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Blady Grass
Blady Grass

Regionally endangered species flourishes

Imperata cylindrical or Blady Grass is a significant weed in many parts
of the world but in Warrandyte is classified as regionally significant
and locally endangered.

Osborne Peninsula is home to a small population, found on both sides of the walking track near the Windmill Creek bridge. Blady grass is a rhizomatous perennial grass and the seed heads are extremely ornamental but are mainly seen after fire.

What a bonus when Parks Victoria rangers decided to burn the small site along the track to eradicate grassy weed which was proving difficult to treat using other methods.

One large area of Blady grass flowered rapidly after the burn and we are hopeful that we will be able to propagate the seed to ensure the survival of this species
on Osborne Peninsula.

Blady Grass

blue tongued lizard
Blue Tongued Lizard