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The Nursery

Our highly productive Nursery

Our Landcare nursery, sited next to 39 Osborne Road, may have a tiny footprint but it is big in terms of what it produces.

Each year, over 9000 plants are propagated for revegetation sites and private gardens on the Peninsula.

Local seed is collected, cleaned and stored before being sown and raised in our small glasshouse. Hardening up occurs on outside racks before distribution to group members and neighbours invested in planting indigenous stock.

We grow over 100 species of indigenous grasses, shrubs and “pretties”. A solar pump which is connected to a tank supplies water for the nursery. A group of dedicated volunteer waterers make sure the young plants don’t dry out.

On most Sundays between 2pm and 4 pm, Landcare members work in the nursery. Discussion is not always of a botanical nature as many issues and problems are thrashed out and solved.

New faces are always welcome, so do join us.

osborne landcare helpers

The Nursery is open
every Sunday

between 2-4pm
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