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Flora of the Osborne Peninsula

Osborne Peninsula is part of the “Yarra Lowland Hills Region” (NEROC
Report-Beardsell), and our vegetation ranges from dry foothills forest - the
grassy woodlands that encompass the ridges and many of the housing
envelopes - to the riparian stretches lining the river.

We have several riverine escarpment plant communities that slope down to
alluvial river terraces that foster a delicately balanced, yet rich strip
of habitat. Both communities are home to a wide variety of flora & fauna.

The higher, stonier communities have Red box, Red Stringybark (now largely died
out), and Long-leaf Box as the overstorey. The understorey is of grasses, small
flowering shrubs, flowering perennials, lilies and orchids.

On sloping ground is Yellow Box, Candlebark and Narrow-leaf Peppermint.

The gullies, which have damp root runs, contain populations of Swamp gum and
Blackwood. Under these gums grow much Kunzea, many species of wattle, and
a wide variety of shrubs that enjoy shelter and dampness.

The Riparian strips feature mighty Manna gums, Yellowbox and Messmate. Under
these, is a variety of lush shrubs of all dimensions. In places of deep shade the
herbaceous plants are replaced by tussocks, sedges, climbers and ferns.

Our gardens give us the opportunity to restore and increase local species and
allow us to create a network of habitat links and nodes that make the Osborne
Peninsula a home for people, native creatures and birds..


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