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Roadside Planting


Happy Birthday Wombat Weeders

It is hard to believe nine years have sped by since the call went out to Osborne Peninsula Landcare for volunteers to form a midweek weeding group.

A particular site was in the professional contractors minds- Wombat Gully at the bottom of Koornong Crescent, a neglected corner of the Warrandyte State Park.

As the woody weeds were attacked and destroyed and the invaders dealt with, the light and sun entered and the natural revegetation took over. Many hidden delights emerged, rare and threatened species were discovered and new plants thrived.

Other sites have been tamed over the years- Windmill with the added excitement of a new bridge; Tablelands- really owned by the wombat- where Parks Victoria provided a table by the river; and a new challenge to remove the weeds below Miandetta. Our early sites are now weed free and require minimal maintenance.

Over the years only a handful of Wednesday mornings have not seen 6 or 7 people hard at work in the area. Occasionally it has been too wet, too windy
or a Total Fire Ban day.

Wombat Gully is a piece of beautifully regenerated riparian bushland and we are delighted and proud of what has been achieved. Support and advice from the rangers at Warrandyte State Park is always generously given.

We welcome any newcomers to a friendly and informative working group on a Wednesday from 9 till 11, finishing with a chat and cup of lotus tea at our table
in an idyllic spot by the river.

midweek weeding group

National Tree Day : July 29th 2012

Despite the gloomy weather, 11 North Warrandyte residents were joined by 13members of the Ringwood Field Naturalist Club to celebrate National Tree Day on Sunday 29th July.

The chosen site was the bank of the Yarra River across stream from Jumping Creek Reserve where the habitat corridor had become fragmented. Over several years willow and elm trees were removed from this area and the adjacent sites revegetated using state and federal government funding.
This planting of over 1300 local indigenous grasses, sedges and shrubs will re-establish an important biolink to support Powerful owl and Barking owl.
Both of these threatened species are active on Osborne Peninsula.

This is the second year that the Ringwood Field Naturalists have worked with us.
Their efforts are very much appreciated by the Osborne Peninsula Landcare Group. A great morning was had by all!

National Tree Day volunteers

Roadside Planting : July 1st 2012

12 Residents braved the cold to plant local indigenous shrubs and grasses on the roadside opposite Nos 11 and 13 Osborne Road. This area had been prepared by our spray contractor Annie and our hard working Wombat Weeding Group who had spent several hand weeding sessions on this site.

Approximately 600 shrubs and grasses were planted in 1.5 hrs.
Thank you to those residents who participated. Mother Nature joined in with a gentle watering just as we finished. As you can see by the photo
we cater for all ages!

Lowestoft Planting : May 27th 2012

Following a particularly wet week, 12 Osborne Peninsula residents were rewarded with a beautiful sunny morning to plant in Warrandyte State Park at the rear of Lowestoft - No. 37.

The small gully was planted out with grasses and sedges as part of a
Parks Victoria grant. Our group was so efficient that we had planted 700 plants by 11.30 am. A big thank you to those who participated.

Strong Men's Working Bee : April 29th 2012

A big thank you to our resident strong men who worked so hard at
our first activity for 2012.

They managed to remove fences at several sites along the river and with
the aid of Jamie’s machine were able to manoeuvre the logs in Sigma gully back
into place after they had been washed away by floodwaters on Christmas night.

A very productive morning culminating in a beer and BBQ to catch
up with neighbour

Group planting by the Yarra River
National Tree Day

Event Dates:

Join our Wombat Weeders Group every Wednesday morning from 9-11am except on fire ban days.
The sign at the top of Osborne Road will direct you to the site each week.
Activities are hand weeding and planting, and also include plant and weed identification. Tools are provided along with a cuppa at the conclusion of the morning. Work sites are usually in Warrandyte State Park along the Yarra River or on roadside areas in the vicinity of the park.

Join us for a great social, educative, relaxing and rewarding activity. You will find it will become addictive!

If you require more information please use the form in the
Contact us
section of this website.

Activities for 2013

Sunday 5th May: Planting in Windmill Gully.

Saturday 11th May: Fungi Workshop with Alison Pouliot.

Sunday 23rd June: Planting near Windmill Gully.

Saturday 13th July: Planting at Sigma with Ringwood Field Naturalists.

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