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photo of revegetation


Seeking and managing funds is a major part of our Landcare work:

Earlier this year, a coalition of Landcare and friends groups in Nillumbik successfully obtained a grant from the State Government of $599,000 to be used over a four year period to protect and restore the local natural environment.

For the past four months we have been attending the steering committee overseeing the management of the funds.  Our group has been successful in receiving fund for four projects:

  • Removal of woody weeds on the escarpment behind No 6 – No 36
    in Osborne Road.  Contractors will spend 5 days in the state park and
    on private land of residents wishing to participate.

  • New shelving for the nursery;

  • A hand held GPS unit for mapping weeds, endangered species,
    nesting trees etc;

  • Cameras for fauna monitoring.

We aim to gather information with the GPS units and the cameras that will enable us to target and manage weed removal more efficiently and to understand the fauna we need to protect.

installation of new shelving
Installation of new nursery shelving by Ann and Shelagh

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