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Our Committee

Ann Penrose
After a career in nursing, Ann studied and worked for 15 years in urban horticulture, following her interests in plants and garden design. In 2004 she moved from Melbourne’s inner suburbs to Osborne Road North Warrandyte to pursue a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Her active involvement in Landcare brings together her passions for gardens and plant propagation,
and her love of the Australian bush and the many creatures that live in it.

Ruth Rankin

Secretary/Public Officer

Living in Osborne Road for over 30 years and a founding member of the Landcare group, Ruth has been an Osborne Landcare committee member since 1993 and has represented the group on many local and state government committees. Employed as a Finance Officer for a Not-for-profit environmental organisation, she is able to combine her two passions- working with figures and the environment- both in her work and leisure.

Shelagh Morton
Nursery Manager
I have lived in Warrandyte for more than 50 years and have had a dedicated interest in preserving and restoring the indigenous vegetation on my own five acre block. Being a member of the Landcare group has fired my interest in the origin of plants, particularly those discovered by the early botanists who participated in the exploration of Australia. The Landcare group is yet another example of the strong community feeling in Warrandyte.

Jill Jameson
Committee member
As a community development worker in many countries, I have had a commitment towards sustainability - of both the environment and human communities. Over the last 20 years, I have been facilitating peace building training for the people of Burma. Before coming to live in Warrandyte nine years ago, my husband and I were active in bush regeneration on our farm in the Yarra Valley, and formed a Land for Wildlife group.

Sam Eadie
Nursery co-manager
Wanting to learn more about indigenous plants to revegetate a Kangaroo Ground property we had purchased, in 2000 I joined Osborne Landcare and learned how and where to plant “the right plants” in conditions where they naturally occur. It was a great lesson! I worked as a veterinary nurse for 15 years but my real passions are my family and gardening. Last year, I completed a Permaculture Design course and discovered how to be even more practical about gardening and care of our earth.

Gail Watts
Committee member
I live at 41 Osborne road with Trevor and our two Labradors, Bella and Luca. We share our garden with all the beautiful birds of this area and a couple of regular echidnas. We moved here three and a half years ago, so are still newbies to Warrandyte. I enjoy gardening and quilting, time with our dogs as well as lots of time with our six grandchildren. Trevor and I usually take a couple of months each year and travel in our caravan, seeing more of our wonderful country each time. What I love most about living here is the peace and quiet, space around me and friendly, helpful neighbors.

Jenny Brown
Newsletter editor
One morning as a thick fog was sitting over the Osborne Peninsula I visited a friend and was utterly entranced by a forest environment that seemed to be so ‘alive’. The house next door happened to be for sale and so 17 years ago I became a resident. But how to restore my half hectare gully that was choking under a blanket of ivy? Like a cavalry, help came in the form of the Landcare group. I’ve been a grateful member of this pro-active local environment group ever since. I work as a freelance writer and my happy off-keyboard hobby is the restoration of the forest I call my backyard. Occasionally when down the back I can surprise a browsing swamp wallaby.

Christine Kearton
I have lived on Osborne Road for over eight years and came across the Osborne Peninsula Landcare Group before I had even built my house and moved in. It was pleasing to know that my neighbourhood cared about the environment and were available to assist me in maintaining an indigenous garden. I work full time as a Practice Manager for an accounting firm and am pleased to be able to assist the Landcare Group in my role as Treasurer. My interests are enjoying the outdoors and keeping fit and healthy.

weeder on grassy slope