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All residents are urged to have their own scanner and listen to the fire calls, especially on fire ban days. This is the most up-to-date source of information regarding fires in our area.

• Don’t just have a Plan A, but have a Plan B and C and even D.

• No two properties are alike when it comes to assessing fire risk.

• The bark on eucalypts creates high fuel loads on the forest floor as well as harbouring burning embers on tree trunks, especially Candlebarks and Stringybarks.

• Small thickets of vegetation at a safe distance from your home can provide a shield to reduce radiant heat and to trap burning embers


Advice from the Country Fire Authority


You and your family need to know what you will do when the
forecast fire danger is increasing or a fire starts close to you.

If you are going to leave, know when and where you are going to go,
how you are going to get there and what you are going to take? Children, the elderly and vulnerable should go to areas outside potential fire zones at the beginning of a day of Total Fire Ban.

If you choose to stay, prepare for how you are going to survive, where you will shelter, what equipment you need and what you will do if things go wrong?
If staying, prepare yourself and your family mentally and physically to face the fire
Know where to find information about the forecast danger and any local fire.


Inform yourself about the danger well before any fire starts.
Seek out and listen for information.

If a fire starts, don’t just “wait and see”. Don’t wait for emergency warnings;
act the moment fire danger is forecast and put your preparations into action.
Watch for signs of fire. Fires can threaten suddenly and without warning.
You may have to act without receiving any emergency warning.


The safest place is to be nowhere near a fire, but that may not be possible.
Know that being involved in a fire will be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. Survival and safety depends on the decisions you make before, during and after a major fire event.

bushfire information

Enquiries regarding
Community Fireguard Groups:

Osborne Road   
Ruth Rankin 

Hamilton Road  
Nin Melville
Elise Berry

Koornong Cres 
Macka McGregor

Register all enquiries here and mention which group you want
to contact.

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Country Fire Authority

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